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Welcome to the Healthcare Constructor website. We are confident you have found the most complete and efficient path on your journey to become a Certified Healthcare Constructor.

We have consulted with leaders in construction, healthcare and eLearning industries to ensure information provided is relevant and accurate. Materials are consistent with the AHA Candidate Handbook and teachings have proven effective with a high pass rate for candidates completing this course.

This course was developed using proven strategies in eLearning. We cut the fluff and get right to the point. The materials are proven to help retention and efficiency. The technology used for presentation allows for users to complete their review on the device of their choosing at any time and location with an internet connection. Progress is saved allowing users to pick up where they left off, perfect for busy professionals.

If you have any questions about this course or your journey to become a Certified Healthcare Constructor, please contact us at info@healthcareconstructor.com.

November 24, 2019


Healthcare Constructor was developed by industry leaders in Healthcare, Construction, and Education to bring you a simple yet extremely effective tool for passing the CHC exam.

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